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Meet Milou, a green and purpose-driven beauty brand founded with a commitment to conscious skincare. We’re on a mission to provide effective, eco-friendly and affordable products to encourage you to treat your skincare as selfcare no matter your skin type, tone or budget.

We want to transform the way you feel about your skin through effective, science-backed and sustainable skincare that is good for you, and the planet. Our products are proudly made in Aotearoa, New Zealand using the best botanical ingredients proven to leave even those with the most sensitive skin types with skin that feels calm, bright, hydrated and soft.

Discover the Milou difference for yourself and embrace a new era of beauty that's backed by science, powered by nature, and inspired by you.

Milou Is: Clean, Sustainable, Effective, Always

From the sourcing of our ingredients through to our packaging and practices, we’re committed to sustainability. Our packaging is constructed from recycled cardboard and our bottles are made using glass.

Over 400 million tons of plastic waste is generated each year in New Zealand with the potential to enter our oceans, rivers and wildlife areas. We have made it our goal to reduce the use of plastic and prevent plastic pollution entering our landfills.

At Milou, we take pride in small batch manufacturing, which allows for optimum freshness of our skincare and less wastage, as products are made to meet consumer demands. We are committed to developing 100 percent vegan skincare without any animal testing or animal-derived ingredients.

We will continue to work with our manufacturers and partners across our entire supply chain from sourcing materials to sustainable shipping initiatives to ensure we do the best we can to reduce our environmental footprint. We want to leave our planet in a better place than when we started.

Milou Is: Visually Impaired Inclusive

We’re passionate about making our skincare available and accessible to everyone. We are proud to be the first beauty brand in Australasia to incorporate braille into our packaging, ensuring those living with visual impairments can identify and enjoy our product range. Our commitment to accessibility aligns with our ethos of sustainability and inclusivity, for beauty that benefits the greater good.

Milou Is: Female Founded

Meet Bailee Wilson-Pledger, the skincare maven extraordinaire and expert. With over a decade of beauty experience under her belt, she's carved her own path, starting from freelance makeup artistry, mastering the art of concealing many skin concerns, and founding the knowledge that a great finish starts with a great base. Her journey led her to dive deep into marketing and media and the world of brands, trialing and reviewing 100’s of brands for the likes of NZ Herald and Viva. Now, teaming up with Libby Boxall, with a strong focus on uncomplicated and scientifically proven skincare. Bailee's all about effective ingredients, potent formulas, keeping things kind to both your skin and the planet, while keeping it accessible for all.

Discover the Milou Philosophy

Milou Is: Female Founded

New Zealand-born, US-based naturopath and nutritionist Libby Boxall has more than 10 years of experience in women’s health, hormones and skincare. Guided by her passion for science-supported natural medicine, Libby created award-winning collagen supplement brand Dose & Co, and has applied the same expertise to launch Milou. Libby’s commitment to clean formulations enriched with premium natural ingredients ensures Milou delivers skincare that nourishes, heals and revitalises.

Discover the Milou Philosophy